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Tynesbank Works
Manchester M28 0SF

Tel:  +44 (0)161 790 5277
+44 (0)161 703 8170

Email: info@nortonvilliers.co.uk
Web: www.nortonvill

"NV"Companies include:
DMW Motor Cycles Ltd
Villiers Engines Ltd

"NV" a sleeping giant since the mid 70s, now awakened has teamed up with DMW Motor Cycles Ltd and Villiers engines Ltd, with these companies comes a huge wealth of experience in the manufacture of Villiers engines and services. We have the blue prints for many, many engine parts, indeed we manufacture many new parts. We have factories in England, India and China with associate connections in other countries around the world.  DMW has been manufacturing Villiers engines and spares since it acquired the rights for the 197cc and 250cc 9e-37A engine back in the 70s. In fact DMW was the only company allowed to wander around the Villiers works and did a lot of research and development on behalf of Villiers.

Not only do we manufacture many Villiers parts, we offer a service second to non in the refurbishment and service of the Villiers engine. If it is a competition engine we try to turn it around within the week. All our products are made from blue prints and fully tested; we run a no quibble guarantee. Our products are often copied bur never bettered.

At present our interests are in the 6-8e, 9e-37A and Starmaker engines. We are expanding our product range on a regular basis which is not solely confined to the Villiers engine. We stock most leading brands accessories and try to be competitive in our pricing structure.

We have a bright and exciting business plan for the coming year, to bring "NV"to the forefront in an industry it once lead for many years. "NV" are innovators a brief summary on the last page will give you a taste of what "NV" wants to achieve in the near future, with road race and commuter transport high on the agenda.  The future is bright and is "NV".

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